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Wash & Oil Bundle

Wash & Oil Bundle

$35.00 Regular Price
$24.50Sale Price

Keep your beard clean and refreshed as well as hydrated and nourished with our Wash & Oil bundle.


Our Foaming Beard wash will cleand and clear your beard of dirt grime and odours, then apply your FBG Beard Oil to reinvigorate the skin beneath your beard and hydrate the beard hair itself.


1920 - Leather Tobacco Sandalwood

Vanilla Whiskey - Oak Whiskey and Tahitian Vanilla

Egyptian Night - Rose Musk Myhhr Lime

Barbershop - Musk Cedar Fir Needle Bergamot Lemon Peel Vetiver

BlackJack - Oud Tobacco Leaf Caramel Citrus Musks Wood Varieties

Woodland - Cedar Sandalwood Patchouli

Tropicana - Tropical Guava Passionfruit Pineapple

Pirate Rum - Bay Leaf Bergamot Pine Cedar

WildFire - Smokey Sandalwood Patchouli Vanilla


Bundle includes 1 x 30ml Beard Oil & 1x FBG Foaming Beard Wash

Patch Test before Use

Hand Crafted in Toowoomba, QLD

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