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Balm - Scoop out a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub  between hands until smooth, then apply thoroughly through beard and shape as desired. If product becomes grainy, simply add a small amount of water to hands.


Oil - Apply 5-10 drops (longer beards may need extra) into the palm of your hand and massage into beard, use fingertips  to reach the skin underneath.

Use brush to shape and train your beard to desired style. Great for evenly distributing FBG Beard Oil throughout your beard.  Brushing regularly also stimulates blood flow which can help improve hair growth.

Use comb to run the beard Oil through to the ends of your beard after application or to help shape as desired after applying Balm.

Please Note - Due to the natural properties and ingredients of our products, the scent will fade within its container over time. We recommend using regularly and within the first few months of purchase. All benefits of the Oils within our products will continue to perform their natural duty.

Ingredients are designed and combined to help keep your beard healthy and nourished.


Let's fit YOUR Beard.

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